BILT: Building on a Legacy

In the fall of 2004, BILT Industries, Inc. purchased the Klip-BILT II®, Quick-BILT® and Speedi-BILT® shelving lines from the Frick-Gallagher Manufacturing Company. Frick-Gallagher® set the standard for storage, and BILT stepped in to make sure it stayed that way, with the same strong steel products and the same strong commitment to quality and service.

Designed at inception to be the leanest viable business in the shelving industry, BILT was structured to rapidly adjust so as to insulate its customers from market forces. The only way to achieve this objective, was to invest capital in technology that would drive down costs, yet elevate product standards. And that’s just what BILT did.

Galvanized by a stalwart business model, BILT immediately began carving out a place for itself and earning the loyalty of customers. It has since proven more than capable of preserving the high-quality specification that Frick-Gallagher first offered over 70 years ago. An impressive rate of growth continued to afford BILT opportunities to diversify. As the decade drew to a close, this manifested in the launch of both an HD modular drawer line and mezzanine construction services.

Today, BILT Industries has two state-of-the-art roll formers, modernized tooling, and a powder coating process that mitigates its environmental impact. With a 40,000 sq ft. corporate office/distribution center in the greater Kansas City area, BILT is well poised to continue serving customers with the best in flexible storage solutions and design expertise.

Our Mission: Maintain excruciatingly high product standards, develop personal relationships with our customers, perfect our ability to adjust to market forces, and continue investing capital in cost-abating technology.

Discover the benefits of pairing flexible storage solutions and design expertise with BILT. Expert consulting and design assistance with every shelving purchase helps you achieve a superior layout design that:

  • Maximizes your storage capacity and workflow efficiency
  • Positions you to easily adapt and expand
  • Sets you up for long-term return on your storage investment

Get more than just shelving with BILT.