The Klip-BILT II® shelving system combines rugged industrial strength with powerful versatility and ease of assembly.

Optimized for both open and closed shelving, this unit is equipped with strongbox posts that free up space and bolster its load-bearing capabilities. Lickety-Klip shelf clips secure each corner and allow for effortless reconfiguration as your needs change. Klip-BILT II® shelving units also fit together snugly with excellent rigidity.

Why do end users like Klip-Bilt II® shelving?

  • More usable space in the front corners so products or boxes don’t “catch” on the front box posts; helpful for quick access to inventory
  • Effortless rearrangement of shelves w/ no bolts or tools required
  • Standard shelf design can be modified easily for heavier load capacity needs
  • 13-gauge steel construction stands up to weight, strain and rough duty
  • 20-gauge shelves w/ lapped and welded corners provide strength throughout the entire shelf instead of just on the edges
  • Ease of assembly
  • Stocked quantities available for ready availability
KBII Rendering

Lickety-Klips are sturdy, dependable compression clips designed for holes pre-punched on 1 1/2″ centers. You can readily deploy Lickety-Klips at whatever height you need and, as they’re independent of those in adjacent units, they can be adjusted without hassle.

Shelves can be assembled and reorganized quickly using four clips and nothing else. There’s no disassembly needed, and no bolts or tools required.

Configuration & Storage Options

Klip-BILT II® starts with a basic post and shelf arrangement. You can add high density drawers and sliding shelf dividers according to your specific needs. From there, you decide whether you want an open configuration (side and back braces), a closed configuration (back and side panels), or a closed configuration with doors.

Stronger Than the Competition…And More Colorful

Eco-Friendly Powder Coated Color Options

High Density Drawers



Mighty Red









Klip-BILT II® Applications

Who uses Klip-BILT II® shelving?
  • Industrial Distribution
  • Warehouses
  • Automotive
  • eCommerce
  • Offices
  • Hospitals
  • Retailers
Where is Klip-BILT II® shelving used?
  • Maintenance Areas
  • Stockrooms
  • Assembly Areas
  • Office Supply Areas
  • Record Storage Areas
Why use Klip-Bilt II® shelving?
  • More Efficient Warehousing
  • Better Space Organization
  • Quick Access to Inventory
  • More Available Storage Space
  • Better Control of Inventory
  • Safe Organization of Records

Documents & Videos

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Klip-BILT II® Assembly Instructions

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