Muscular BILT steel automotive shelving stands up to rough duty day in and day out. You’ll use less space and store more, and the weight won’t strain the system—or your budget.

Every BILT shelving purchase includes design assistance to ensure a functional storage layout that produces long-term ROI. For custom shelving units, and for large-scale projects like shelving supported mezzanines and high rise shelving, we offer step-up custom design and engineering services. Let us help you create an automotive storage solution that will get your efficiency and productivity into high gear.

Klip-BILT II® Automotive

Rugged, industrial-duty Klip-BILT II® give you more capacity with quick access to inventory. Strongbox front posts keep the front corners open, so you can squeeze more boxes, large parts, or small parts storage containers on every shelf. Open or closed units are easy to arrange and rearrange using Lickety-Clips to locate shelves—no bolts or tools required.

Quick-BILT® Automotive Small Parts Bins

Built for durability and comfortably quick changes, Quick-BILT® automotive small parts bins employ sliding shelf dividers for rapid reorganization. The base unit is an open-front, structurally independent shell, which you can customize in a flash with intermediate shelves and dividers. No shelf fasteners required.

Speedi-BILT® Automotive Storage Units

Simplicity and strength strike an impressive balance in the Speedi-BILT®. There are only two basic components: beams and posts. Economical particle board can be used to optimize uninterrupted storage space, making this product ideal for bulky items. Our clients have used these to store batteries, tires, wheels, molding, and hanging sheet metal.

Modular Drawers


Stronger Than the Competition…And More Colorful

Eco-Friendly Powder Coated Color Options




Mighty Red









See an Automotive Dealership/Shelving Supported Mezzanine in action with BILT’s Simulated Installation Plan.